Unexpectedly easy!

Most Swedish customers think of Tre simply as a mobile network. Tre wanted to challenge brand perception where it counts most – at home. The strategy was to launch the “broadband worth remembering” campaign, showing customers the ease of setup in addition to the great benefits. It began with an outreach campaign for Tre’s updated […]

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Get Smart

With its recent work in diversity, inclusion and gender equality, and its move into energy and insurance, WINDTRE has been quickly establishing its credentials as much more than a mobile phone operator. And now, it’s setting its sights on the next big innovation – the growth and investment into smart cities. Through its commitment to

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Don’t fall for that!

Unsolicited calls may be a thing of the past as Three Hong Kong combats scammers and spammers with the launch of its comprehensive mobile security services. In line with the Office of the Communications Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force, Three’s ‘Incoming Calls Management Pack’ will provide customers with greater mobile security. The pack,

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