Fighting back

Recognising the hardship experienced by Sri Lankans during the country’s worst ever economic crisis, Hutch shared their open and agile approach to offer customers undisrupted connectivity at affordable prices.

In 2023, Hutch rolled out a string of four key campaigns that reinforced its drive to excel in the fight back. These included a ‘Freedom of Voice’ promotion and a unique link-up with value supermarket Keells for the ‘Unlimited Shopping Fiesta’ – featuring a chance to win ‘unlimited’ trolleys full of groceries.

Together with its flexible data packages, the campaigns have helped gain recognition for Hutch this year with three advertising awards, and a ranking in the ‘50 Most Valued Consumer Brands’ in Sri Lanka.

Moving forward into 2024, Hutch plans to build the momentum achieved through these accolades by raising network perceptions and targeting new market segments including youth and enterprise. Also Hutch Sri Lanka will sign up with a brand ambassador who can uplift the brand stature and drive aspirational positioning.

“Understanding customer pain points in the economic crisis, we repositioned the brand as Hutch, the ‘Hari’ Network, meaning right, suitable, correct.”