Closer to families

Italian economic context has shaped a hyper-competitive telco market in Italy. Forum keynote speaker Tommaso Vitali, explained WINDTRE’s decision to establish itself as a multi-service company – a move three years in the making, which has culminated in WINDTRE’s launch of energy and insurance offers in recent times. WINDTRE’s brand position has also shifted – now a partner to families, making life simpler for them, and creating value by offering the three services with a consultancy approach in the Windtre Stores.

In addressing core customer needs and capitalising on its assets, the new brand key and multi-service model is set to deliver a versatile and long-lasting platform for the company, with an ongoing focus on making positive societal change.

One such example is “Neoconnessi”, a program which has already provided support to over 1 million families through its impactful work in schools and in educating parents to set up better online navigation for kids. Another example is its lighthearted “Please Don’t Call” campaign – protecting customers from unwanted calls – a campaign that addressed an unmet need and won several awards in 2023.

“We know how to compete as a business in Italy as telcos are the most competitive market.”