A sweeter mobile experience

Three Hong Kong focussed on a review of their highly successful and uniquely authentic Honey Bee campaign, an initiative that broke the pattern of one-way, top-down marketing strategies, by putting the consumer right at the heart of their network quality improvements.


In a hyper competitive and saturated telco market, the top four operators consistently claim to be “the best, fastest and biggest” network. Bucking that trend, Three Hong Kong rallied its growing Gen Z customer base and influencer network to join a novel and grassroots operation across Hong Kong’s 18 districts – testing for and reporting on the network’s blind spots.


The campaign has flourished off the back of strong social media activation and advertising, including a Honey Beer Pong game at 3Shops to get more and more customers involved. Three says it will stop at nothing to eliminate the network’s blind spots.


“Three will stop at nothing to become the city’s most reliable network, and eliminate the last remaining mobile dead zones.”